An experimental wind turbine with multi blades in Venturi airflow, aiming to achieve higher wind to electricpower conversion.

Test turbine on mobil platform

To confirm the theoretical prediction, an 8 feet diameter turbine has been designed and build. It has a dome nozzle and exit diffusor which reduce the turbine entry area to 1/2. 36 pitch adjustable turbine blades drive a 3 phase AC generator. The foldable tower erects to two position and leanes 15deg forward into the windstream to counteract tilt force.
First position is 7 feet high. In that position a second 3 blade turbine (with same AC Generator type) operates paralell in same wind condition and give a direct comparison to the test turbine performance. Based on estimates the energy out put should be 3-4 times higher than the 3 bladed turbine.
The second position is 21feet high. In this position the blade pitch angle is manipulated in order to find the "sweetspot" where pitch angle vs. turbine speed vs energy output is most effective.

Trailer design with foldable Turbine.
It is mounted on a 12x7 feet bumper hitched cargo trailer (Typ CargoMate 712SA).

Trailer Trailer

Trailer conversion
Before: Trailer had ramp and side door with enclosure mounted on frame.
After: Enclosure was seperated from frame, split in half and expanded 18" to total width of 8,5 feet. Frame has been extended to fit enclosure and height was risen 12".

Trailer Trailer

Tower on open Chasis
The base structure consists of 2 X-beam shaped 6 x 3 inch C-channels which are hinged on the end of the reinforced trailer frame. The chasis will rest on the hinge bold while the tower is standing up hence using it's weight as a counterbalance for the wind force. On the opposite end of the C-channel is a square opening to insert 5" wood beam to enhance stability. The tower is mounted in a 8 bold tractor wheel hub and can swing 360 deg. Folding and errecting is done with two hzdraulic cylinder operated by hand pump and 2 3 way valves.

Trailer Trailer

Turbine overview
The turbine consist of an entry DOME, TURBINE assy and the exit CONE.
The dome is mounted inside the turbine assy with a ball bearing to allow the turbine spinning while the Dome does does not rotate.
The turbine consists of a 3 phase AC generator mounted to the tower hub. On it's driveshaft is the connection to an aluminium frame which takes the forces from the blades, guides the alignment for the turbine and provides pitch adjusting mechanism with 2 remote controlable linear actuators. 18 inner ring sections and 36 blades as well as 36 outer ring sections complete the turbine.
The exit cone has an upper and a lower half. The upper one is mounted on the tower hub backflange. The lower one can be folded away to allow access to turbine nacelle.

Dome Turbine aftconecoverd

Control, Monitoring, Comparison
Several sensors monitor Volt, Amps, rotation speed, Generator coil Temp as well as environmental data such as Humidity, Temperatur, Baropressure and Windspeed. The masterblade has a pitot tube sensor for static and dynamic pressure data. A raspberry PI collects the data for display and storage. It will also control pitch angle and load of turbine. The 3 Blade turbine serves as a direct comparison of power output. It has the same diameter and generator as the test turbine. Their VOLT * AMPERE product gives the POWER in Watt and hence the performance of each turbine typ.

Trailer Trailer 3Blade